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The Momentum Objective:

Grow and Prosper.

Momentum Partners Inc. is a Washington commercial real estate company that partners with clients and investors to create generational wealth through the acquisition, development, management and disposition of high quality real estate assets. With over 3/4 of a century of experience, Momentum’s experts create and manage strategic real estate investment programs across a wide spectrum of investment styles for domestic and international institutions as well as private investors. Through a diligent and judicious process, Momentum Partners pursues a range of core, value-add, and opportunistic acquisition strategies. Our business model targets institutional-quality and high profit commercial real estate opportunities with clearly defined holding periods and well-conceived exit strategies.
Our mission is to be the investment partner of choice. We seek long-term relationships with our partners by being responsive to their changing needs, preparing to meet any challenge and constantly innovating to enhance mutual growth.
Experience, Process & Relationship

Momentum Partners strives to be your “investment partner of choice”. To succeed, we rely on three main strengths: experience, process, and relationship. Our Experience serves as a navigation system by which we identify market trends, determine market needs and develop acquisition & exit strategies. Our process helps us mitigate risk and maximize returns. Our industry relationships serve to help us discover acquisition candidates and market completed projects.

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Development Driven

Momentum Partners Inc., has strong internal and external capabilities which enable us to attack each opportunity challenge with our experience, process, and relationships. We work with a national team of talented operators, development & architectural consultants, and property managers to execute our mission. We make certain clear communication occurs through the development chain to ensure the success within all facets of the project: investors, asset managers, operational professionals, and other key players. We deliver remarkable returns to our investors and great value to our residents. We use the Momentum Process for identifying opportunities that are critical to our success.

First, we use statistical models of the top metropolitan and surrounding areas (MSAs).

Next, we perform a gap analysis of the data we collected. We then use this data to reveal strategic insights for the most profitable and lucrative market segments. This information gives us criteria to acquire distressed properties from motivated sellers.

Finally, after proving demand and projecting a high profit margin we acquire a property feeling we’ve mitigated investor risk and maximized profit potential. Momentum Partners’ principals have developed a strong network of industry professionals. This network has allowed the firm access to key relationships and information it uses to create opportunity. With direct access to professionals in the Real Estate and Investment industry we expedite the process from acquisition to sale. Fast and efficient performance gives our investors larger annualized returns and limits opportunity cost. We stand firmly committed to these principles and that is why our partners and investors keep returning to us.

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